We have launched our Crowdfunding Campaign to raise $300,000 by April 2018 to charter the first African-led credit union in the United States and to continue important programming. These efforts are very important because all communities deserve the opportunity to generate wealth. And, immigrant communities in particular come to this country in search of a better life for themselves and their families. We need your help ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be part of the American Dream.

Please DONATE to our campaign to join us in our efforts to safeguard immigrant and vulnerable communities to secure a better future.

Pan-African Community Development Initiative (“Pan-African CDI”) is a grassroots organization based in the South Bronx to build capacity and potential membership for the credit union through economic programing, literacy and civic engagement.

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To help our members build resources and a safety net, we provide confidential access to financial counselors to assist members in developing budgets and managing accounts, consolidating debt, avoiding bankruptcy and building credit. We conduct seminars on how to buy a home, and provide access to a counselor to assist potential buyers through the complete process of owning a home, including access to financing.

Moreover, we provide direct assistance to members to start and develop their own businesses and create employment that are culturally sensitive and community driven, such as our Childcare Business Development Program.  We offer job training, skill development, business support and certifications, and fiscal edification.

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Our strategic development team consists of ten dedicated professionals and visionaries with direct personal knowledge of the community; diverse academic backgrounds and professional expertise in administration, finance, communication, informational technologies and infrastructural, and organizational development.

More importantly, we have a mutual interest in community economic development.

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This has been a year of great strides for our organization: We moved one step closer to chartering the Pan-African Federal Credit Union: the first and only African-led credit union in the nation. We successfully launched our SNAP, Financial Counseling, Homeownership Seminars & Childcare Business Development Programs.

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Pan-African CDI, in collaboration with Line Break Media, has been conducting a few interviews with some community members. This is a short recap of one of our encounters with a cab driver.

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2018 Free Community Tax Prep Testimonials

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