Team Developmental Training at New York City Social Media For NonProfits, 2015

“It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light.” - Arthur Conan Doyle / Sherlock Holme 

On Tuesday, July 21st, members of Pan African CDI's Outreach Committee and the Executive Director and co-founder participated in a developmental informational social media conference held at NYU Kimmel Center for University Life.  The annual program was organized by Social Media For Nonprofit, with previous locations including Washington,DC., Dallas, Austin, Silicon Valley, Boston, San Francisco, and finally New York City. From workshops and hands-on training on essential social media applications, i.e Periscope, to the interactive sessions with other professionals in the nonprofit sector, Social Media For Nonprofits provided us with key tools that will enable Pan African CDI to strengthen its outreach strategy and improve it’s on and off platform advocacy for low-income and African immigrant communities.

Social Media for Nonprofits provides social media training to help nonprofits leverage social media for cause awareness, engagement with stakeholders, fundraising and advocacy.  The conference series, their signature program, is dedicated to social media for social good and to date has earned a 96.5% approval rating from over 8,000 nonprofit leaders across the USA, India and Canada. Doing away with abstract concepts and theory, their focus is on sharing practical tips and tools for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy with nonprofit decision-makers.

"Your Mission statement is not your Story.” - Jay Geneske, Director of Digital, The Rockefeller Foundation
"If you're not falling you're not trying" - Lynn Harris, VP of Communications Breakthrough

Thank you Social Media for Nonprofits for giving us this great opportunity to learn how to promote our organization through social media. We thank key speakers for coming to New York for speaking and encouraging us to expand our organization with the use of social media.

Community Survey Project - 438 Surveys Conducted!

Through collaboration with outreach sites Bronx Defenders, African Communities Together, Bronx Community College, and online dissemination, 438 surveys were collected. That means 438 community allies and defenders! Data input and analysis begins!

In outreach and data, Pan African CDI stands strong for our communities. 

Join us and help revitalize the Bronx! 

Base Building Continues for Economic Power

Back to Bronx Community College (B.C.C) to disseminate surveys, the Pan African CDI  recognizes that the viability of our communities depend on the recycling of $$$ in our neighborhoods rather than capital flight. 

Low-income individuals and working class communities should be afforded the opportunity to participate in their own economic well-being, while having a stake in the ownership of wealth and shifting the balance of power to the local community.

Join us and keep the capital (and smiles) within our communities!

Base Building at African Communities Together and Bronx Community College

An effective means of base-building,  the Pan African CDI carried out the Community Survey Project at the African Communities Together (A.C.T) and the Bronx Community College (B.C.C). We were greeted skeptically at first but as we engaged more with folks, active community participation took course: we received over 130 pledges at B.C.C alone!

The purpose of Pan-African Federal Credit Union is more than just access, but control of economic resources, which better guarantees a more equal and just society. The credit union would facilitate the process of converting profit into investment in the community (in the form of lending), rather than having profit shipped out, not being productive capital for the community.

The Pan African Community Development Initiative Kicks Off its Community Survey Project

The Pan African Community Development Initiative, the field of membership for the Pan African Federal Credit Union, launched its Community Survey Project to improve our neighborhoods. It is important that we get vocal and organize to deal with the problem of capital flight from our community. 

Pan African CDI began the survey project to better understand what financial services are essential to the revitalization of the Bronx neighborhoods.  We cannot speak of neighborhood revitalization without addressing economic development and building economic power.

Community Event Outreach - in Collaboration with BETHEX Federal Credit Union

The Pan African CDI teamed up with Federal BETHEX Credit Union to offer free tax preparation services. Organizational members Rabiyatou and Alpha spreading the good word!

To improve the Bronx, the empowerment of the local community is crucial. By developing relations with other community organizations, Pan African CDI commits to the financial development and economic empowerment  of low-income individuals and working class families in the Bronx neighborhoods.