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Pan-African Community Development Initiative, Inc. (“Pan-African CDI”) is a grassroots organization based in the South Bronx, whose purpose is to promote the economic advancement of low-income and immigrant communities in New York through providing direct services, training and education and a community-run credit union.

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Pan-African Community Development Initiative seek to empower the African Community in the diaspora to contribute to the economic development of their communities.  

We conduct educational seminars/classes on how to buy a home and establish a good credit history, as well as provide confidential access to financial counselors to assist members in: developing budgets and managing accounts, consolidating debt and avoiding bankruptcy.

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Our strategic development team consists of ten dedicated professionals and visionaries with direct personal knowledge of the community; diverse academic backgrounds and professional expertise in administration, finance, communication, informational technologies and infrastructural, and organizational development.

More importantly, we have a mutual interest in community economic development.

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This has been a year of great strides for our organization: We moved one step closer to chartering the Pan-African Federal Credit Union: the first and only African-led credit union in the nation. We successfully launched our SNAP, Financial Counseling, Homeownership Seminars & Childcare Business Development Programs.

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Pan-African CDI, in collaboration with Line Break Media, has been conducting a few interviews with some community members. This is a short recap of one of our encounters with a cab driver.

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